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Aug 4, 2015

You may think you know everything about “Seinfeld,” the long-running 1990s NBC sitcom, but do you know enough to fill a 385-page book? Nicholas Nigro, author of Seinfeld FAQ, does. And that’s why he’s my guest today and you are not. Turns out there is still so much to learn, dots to connect, and trivia to be plumbed.

NICHOLAS NIGRO podcast excerpt: "Larry Thomas, as the 'Soup Nazi, was just on that one episode (until the series finale). But he left a remarkable impression. When that show aired, everyone was talking about it the next day: 'No soup for you!' I don't think there could be anything like that now. Go back to the 1990s and it seemed like everybody was talking about Seinfeld the next day. We don't have that common bond anymore with all the cable channels and Netflix. It's a different world."

And even when you think you know it all, Nigro offers up top-10 lists about the key characters, their doomed relationships, food obsessions, and lack of fashion sense – as well as steering the reader to the best and most underappreciated episodes.

NICHOLAS NIGRO podcast excerpt: "Michael Richards is a physical comedian and how can you top Kramer? The way he entered Jerry's apartment, the stumble..."

It’s a show about something, even if that’s nothing. And a place where nothing is learned, no one improves their station in life, and nary a hug is ever consummated. But I know what you’re thinking: “Yada-yada, get on with it already!”

Key interview moments:

• 9:20 The impact of the Soup Nazi;

• 21:00 Why Michael Richards never did better than playing 'Kramer' on 'Seinfeld';

• 24:00 Even 'Seinfeld' had boundaries, unlike many cable shows today.

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