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Nov 8, 2013

There are certain cultures in the Western world that we really know very little about.

The Church of Scientology, for example.

Justin Beiber.

And the tabloid journalism world of Rupert Murdoch, from Fox News to the New York Post.

KIERAN CROWLEY podcast excerpt: "All of these subjects, I encountered in reality. I covered several different cannibals for the New York Post. Obviously, murder, serial kills--the Zodiac Killer wrote to us and I deciphered his code. I had all these elements that I had experience with. And I've seen a lot of movies, read a lot of books, about serial killers. Some are terrific; some are goofy. I take something and 'What if...' This is fiction. The idea is to take certain elements I had experience with and explore going off the deep end."

I was fascinated by Joe Muto’s ugly yet funny behind-the-scenes Fox News tell-all: An Atheist in the Foxhole.

And I couldn’t put down former New York Post reporter Kieran Crowley’s new work of fiction, "Hack," which probably is painfully honest in its portrayal of how the news comes together at tabloid papers such as the Post and the New York Daily News.

Hack is hysterically disturbing in its brutal reveal of the kind of backstabbing fights over exclusives and ethics-free reporting practices at the tabloids. Parts of it might seem like science fiction if we didn’t already know that the Murdoch empire is rife with phone hacking tactics.

Crowley already made a name for himself with a series of bestselling true crime books, including Sleep My Little Dead, Burned Alive, and The Surgeon’s Wife. But I have no doubt he could make a living from writing fiction going forward and, personally, I hope to read many more tales of Hack’s war hero/reporter, Francis X. Shepherd, soon.


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