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Oct 21, 2014

I have always made my living as a freelance writer. First came fanzines, then newspaper articles, then magazine articles, and now mostly books. Along the way, I have relied on a short handful of “How-to” books that have been extremely helpful in educating me in freelancer etiquette as well as where to find editors, publishers, and agents.

CHRISTOPHER HART podcast excerpt: "You go into a relationship with an editor. It's not a contact. That person is on your book. It's part of their life. And if you continue to create, they'll continue to be your editor. The person who doesn't have much experience goes into it thinking, 'You're not going to change my work! I'm in charge of my creative rights!' But what you have to understand is, yes, they are going to change your work! They're going to make you do it better. They're not going to do it; they're going to challenge you."

I’ve also dug in deep for tips on getting paid properly and on time and how to deal with the occasional weasel who tried to screw me out of a paycheck. When Christopher Hart, who may be the world’s best-selling author of how-to cartoon and draw manga books, told me he had published a book called How to Get Published As A Manga Artist: Everything You Need to Turn Your Passion Into A Career, I figured it was a good idea for a highly specialized freelance artist but was skeptical that someone as experienced as I could learn something new.

I was right... and wrong.

CHRISTOPHER HART podcast excerpt: "There is certain lingo in the business and you have to know what it means and how to answer it."

While How to Get Published As A Manga Artist is aimed at a particular type of independent creative person, its lessons can work for artists and writers producing original material for any field. Of particular interest to me is its advice about the rapidly evolving world of self-publishing. Whether you are just starting out or, like me, have years of experience as a freelancer, I heartily recommend you get this book. It will pay for itself overnight by the knowledge you will gain.

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Listen! Christopher Hart first appeared on Mr. Media in 2010 to discuss his instructional guide, Humongous Book of Cartooning!