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Jan 18, 2013

Every time a new Richard Doetsch novel appears on my desk, I put aside everything else I’m reading and start on my favorite contemporary author’s latest work.

And it never takes long because I consume his pages like they’re an endless bag of my favorite Halloween sweets.

I’ve now read five of his six books (he’s also written one vook novella) and they always leave me wanting more. Which reminds me – where is that sequel to my favorite novel in years, The 13th Hour?

Don’t worry—I’ll ask.

RICHARD DOETSCH podcast excerpt: "I've created this world called Byram Hills. It's based on Armonk, where I live. And all my characters live in Byram Hills. Paul Busch is in Half Past Dawn. In 13th Hour, there is mention of Michael St. Pierre. There are all these incestuous connections; you never know where a character will show up." 

Doetsch’s sixth adventure-packed tale was just released. The Thieves of Legend reunites Michael St. Pierre and his supporting cast for their wildest globe-spanning challenge yet. It is the fourth in the Thieves series; I recommend if you’re new to Doetsch’s Thieves that you just order all four now because if you start with the latest, you’re just going to feel compelled to read the rest anyway.

This is Doetsch’s fourth appearance on Mr. Media and his second on video. (Catch up on any you missed at


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