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Jul 12, 2015

I’ve been to some great big museums around the world – MOMA in New York, the Centre George Pompidou in Paris, The Tate Modern in London – to name just a few. But, to be honest, I’ve always gotten as big a thrill out of smaller, more specialized collections such as the Sherlock Holmes Museum in London, the Norman Rockwell Museum of Vermont, or The Salvador Dali Museum right here in St. Petersburg. I’m a pop culture guy and these are the kind of places I can get a satisfying fix. So when I heard about The Hollywood Museum, it sounded like the kind of place for me – and if you watch this show, I’m thinking it’s right for you, too.

DONELLE DADIGAN podcast excerpt: "We have Jeffrey Tambor's iconic costume from when he plays 'Maura Pfefferman' on the Amazon Prime TV show 'Transparent.' He plays a groundbreaking role as a transgender. The costume is the color of the LGBTQ rainbow. It is a woman's dress, complete with the necklace. You can't watch 'Transparent' -- or even a trailer for it -- without seeing this costume in it."

Located in the former building of Hollywood fashion icon Max Factor, just steps from the Hollywood Walk of Fame, The Hollywood Museum is packed with artifacts and classic images of the best-known Tinseltown legends, from Judy Garland and Lana Turner to Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe. Today, we’re going to do the next best thing to visiting The Hollywood Museum – we’re going to bring it to us.

DONELLE DADIGAN podcast excerpt: "We also have Marilyn Monroe's junior high school class photo! Isn't that something? And the girl that's circled does not have blonde hair. She has brown hair because Marilyn's natural blonde hair, like most natural blondes, turned by the time she became a teenager. One of my mom's dearest friends went to Ralph Waldo Emerson Junior High. She always saved the picture because of Norma Jean Mortensen (who later changed her name to Marilyn). She said, 'Donelle, when you open this museum, I have something that you will just love!'"

Joining me is Donelle Dadigan, founder of the museum. She’s going to talk about the scope of the facility, highlight some of the exhibits – including the current “Reel to Real: Portrayals and Perceptions of Gays in Hollywood,” which runs through September 2015 – and even show us a few special museum pieces to whet our appetites for a real visit.

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