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Oct 9, 2015

Is it wrong that, in watching Tommy Ford’s new web TV series, “The Club,” I found myself rooting for his character, Rev. Lamont Holmes Jr., to fail? This is a married man of the cloth – emphasis on man – who loves women and has been with Siamese twins and prefers Oprah over Halle. We learn this when he applies for membership to a men’s club for philanderers whose inspiration come from Bill Clinton, among others.

TOMMY FORD podcast excerpt: "Reverend Holmes was preaching a sermon and a guy jumped up in the middle and said, 'The Lord directs your steps? Did the Lord direct you to have sex with my wife? And so many other wives in this congregation? Was that the Lord, buddy?' And he pulls out a guy and approaches the Reverend. There is a struggle in the pulpit. The gun goes off and the husband is killed. Instantly, Reverend Holmes realizes, 'I disrespected my calling, I disrespected God, I disrespected my wife, I disrespected the ministry, I disrespected all of my members.' And he is sorry."

“We are hounds!” exalts their leader, Mark Christopher Lawrence, whom audiences know from his five-year run on NBC’s “Chuck.” “We don’t want a way out. We want a way in.” Sharp-eyed TV fans will recognize Ford from his long tenure opposite comedian Martin Lawrence on the Fox sitcom “Martin.” But instead of the goofy sidekick, Ford has grown into leading man maturity and gravitas, which makes him even more convincing as the religious leader led astray by his man parts.

TOMMY FORD podcast excerpt: "Martin Lawrence and I are still friends; I just saw him perform in Atlanta. Those friendships don't stop... Even when he co-starred with Kelsey Grammar!"

“The Club” is described as a faith-based comedy but it is not intended for the whole family. Its humor is bawdy, adult and coarse, as when Lawrence’s character says of Ford’s reverend, “You are getting more tail than a toilet seat!” As for Ford, he has always stayed busy, whether starring in films in front of the camera or expanding his career behind it, building a reputation as a director and producer.

Key interview moments:

• 3:45 Tommy Ford on whether there are similarities between the ministry and being an actor;

• 12:30 An explanation of how "The Club" can be described as a faith-based comedy despite featured a scandalous storyline and often using coarse language about women and sexuality;

• 31:35 Yes, Tommy Ford and Martin Lawrence are still very good friends.

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