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Jul 16, 2017

We’re going to do something a little different on Mr. Media today – instead of being a half-wit know-it-all, I’m going to try to learn something practical from my guest. Joining me is Steve Rosenbaum, who developed, created and produced the groundbreaking “MTV Unfiltered” program in 1993. Shot entirely by viewers, UNfiltered marked the first fully user-created program in television history and was the model used by Al Gore for CURRENT.TV. Along the way networks such as CBS, A&E, and HBO all counted on Rosenbaum to help them explore and deploy user-generated video in programming. Today, Rosenbaum is behind a new venture,, which uses video in still new ways. If you’re a blogger, podcaster or web site producer, I think you’ll find this program particularly interesting – and practical, as Steve walks me through posting video content on an actual web site.

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