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Mar 13, 2015

Amy Rose is a flirt. She’s also blind as a bat. I know this because every text message from her addresses me as “Handsome.” I’d complain but, well, she may be blind, but I’m not stupid. A little flattery goes a long way in life.

AMY ROSE podcast excerpt: "'Show Up Naked and Bring Beer' is a song that fell in my lap; it was written by three Nashville songwriters. I don't know if one of them showed up naked at someone's house, I just know it was brought to me because they thought I'd be a good fit for it. With the words 'naked' and 'beer,' they said, 'Amy Rose!' It's definitely me. I could totally picture myself doing that!"

The first time lovely Amy was a guest on Mr. Media, in December 2012, she charmed the pants off me – no doubt inspiring her latest single, “Show Up Naked and Bring Beer.” (And if I’m wrong about that, I’d rather not know, dear Amy.) We had a blast that day and Amy even recorded an impromptu song about Mr. Media, which cheerfully welcomed guests to Mr. Media’s YouTube page for more than a year. Since then, this Crazy Canuck’s career has been on fire. Amy just returned from the Nashville Universe Awards, where she was up for Female Artist of the Year. Last year, at the same ceremony, she won the Video of the Year award for “Party Like a Redneck.”

AMY ROSE podcast excerpt: "If one of my three daughters ever said that to me -- 'I was just 'partying like a redneck, Mom' -- I would probably be speechless. It could totally come back and bite me in the butt. Let's hope that it doesn't."

If you haven’t heard Amy sing before, I think you’ll find she’s a down home cross between the chops of Carrie Underwood and the attitude of Gretchen Wilson. She’s country, through and through. On today’s show, Amy will perform two songs live: “Party Like A Redneck” and “Show Up Naked and Bring Beer.” Anybody picking up on a theme here?

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