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Jul 26, 2007

(UPDATED JULY 5, 2015: When I discovered the original audio player for this interview with actor Larry Thomas no longer played correctly, I went digging in my audio archives, found the original from June 8, 2007 and upgraded the entire track. But it sounded a little funky. I looked again and there was a SECOND interview with Thomas from two weeks later, June 22, 2007. Then I hit me -- the audio recording the first time was terrible and Larry kindly agreed to a do-over. But with improvements in technology, I unintentionally rescued the first interview. You can now hear both; the first, from June 8, 2007, and the second, from June 22, 2007. And thanks again to Larry Thomas for being such a good sport -- and one of Mr. Media's first podcast interview guests!)

Not many people have managed to land the words Nazi and funny in the same sentence. Charlie Chaplin did it in The Great Dictator. Mel Brooks did it in The Producers with the song and dance number "Springtime for Hitler." And my guest today, the Emmy-nominated Larry Thomas, did it, too. He’s been an actor for 25 years and is a veteran of dozens of films, TV shows, and hundreds of theater performances. Larry recently finished shooting the film Postal and was seen on “Arrested Development,” “Hot Properties," “Threshold,” “Scrubs,” and a Lexus commercial as a crazed pre-Bugsy visionary selling the idea of Vegas. Last year, Larry completed a 3- city, 140-show production of Neil Simon’s “The Odd Couple,” the female version, starring Barbara Eden. Who the hell is Larry Thomas? No answers for you, not yet anyway. Be patient, my friends. You’re not going to want to miss this interview.