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Jun 26, 2012

Mr. Media is recorded live before a studio audience of lemon meringue pie fans who will always accept a slice of Nate & Al’s finest cherry cheesecake in a pinch… in the NEW new media capital of the world… St. Petersburg, Florida!


Yes, yes, Paige Howard is one of those Howards.

Sister of Bryce--who played Gwen Stacy in Spider-Man 3, niece of Clint, granddaughter of Rance and, yup, daughter of Ron and Cheryl.

That had to be said, I’m told, because Paige hasn’t accrued enough screen credits yet where you wlll drop what you’re doing when you hear the name “Paige Howard.”

But if you have time, take a look at her performance in a new film called Cheesecake Casserole.
PAIGE HOWARD audio excerpt: "My parents would constantly remind us, 'This is no piece of cake. You need to really love acting to do it.' They didn't champion it at five years old: 'Take up the family business!' Bryce and I really got the bug and they're supportive. My little brother has bright red hair. People are like, 'Opie!' He was the cutest... This would have been tough for him; I'm glad he's into golf." 
You can LISTEN to this interview with actress PAIGE HOWARD, star of CHEESECAKE CASSEROLE and VIRGIN ALEXANDER, by clicking the audio player above!

She plays Jess, one of four friends about to graduate college who get together for one last girlie blowout weekend of food, booze, boys and boy talk. Each has a tangled narrative and, for Paige Howard’s Jess, there is something emotionally fraught bubbling beneath the surface of the beautiful redhead.

Cheesecake Casserole might as well be called “Four Chicks and a DB” – that’s “Douchebag” –because one of the girls has been followed to the getaway by her boyfriend Rudy, played by Rocco Nugent.

Does that last name sound familiar? It should – Rocco has a pretty famous parent himself, rock star and professional Tea Party loudmouth Ted Nugent.

Cheesecake Casserole premieres July 3 nationwide on Video on Demand. You can also download it on from or via iTunes. (You can also see Paige in Virgin Alexander, available on DVD July 17, 2012.

Paige Howard Twitter • Cheesecake Casserole website • Order Cheesecake Casserole from • Virgin Alexander website • Order Virgin Alexander



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