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Jul 29, 2017

Today's Guest: Raymond Schlogel, indie filmmaker, For Love & Stacie

For Love & Stacie, a film by Raymond Schlogel
For Love & Stacie, a film by Raymond Schlogel

All the air escaped my lungs at the end of Ray Schlogel’s independent film, For Love & Stacie. I was angry, petulant… and then the credits rolled and I was reminded that it was a drama, not a documentary. Poor, dumb ol’ Mr. Media was so sucked into this tale of heartbreak and obsession that I completely lost sight of what I was watching. And that’s when I realized what a fine job the independent Austin-based filmmaker—who wrote, starred, directed and produced Stacie—had done.

RAY SCHLOGEL podcast excerpt: "(Chris Brogan) took up the cause. I can't thank him enough. He's got 90,000 followers. For him to take a risk outside the box of what he usually does and mention this little indie film was more than flattering. I have had a lot of people tweeting about it, posting about it, who have heard about it directly from Chris."
Raymond Schlogel, indie filmmaker, For Love & Stacie, Mr. Media Interviews
Raymond Schlogel, director, 'For Love & Stacie'

Schlogel came to my attention in an unusual way: I read about him in one of uber-networker Chris Brogan’s voluminous posts. Brogan wondered why Schlogel’s indie filmmaking gem hadn’t received more attention and asked his readers to help the man out. I read Brogan daily and get a lot of value and insight from his blog so I decided to pay it forward by inviting Schlogel on Mr. Media. You can watch For Love & Stacie for free at Schlogel’s website, He accepts donations there and you can also order a DVD copy of the film.

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The Millionaire's Convenient Arrangement by Jane Peden, Mr. Media Interviews
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