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Jan 27, 2015

Honestly, I was never a big Alice in Wonderland fan. I remember reading Lewis Carroll’s classic in its entirety for a freshman lit class at the University of Miami and being as unmoved by it then as I was when I saw a TV adaptation in the 1970s.

CATHERINE NICHOLS podcast excerpt: "My husband and I went on on the 'Alice in Wonderland Tour that goes up the Thames River. Lewis Carroll told his story to Alice and her sisters during a boat ride up that very river. To see it and to be able to think that, 150-odd years ago, he was on that same river, telling the same story to those kids was very thrilling. And walking around Oxford, seeing the old buildings where he lived, worked and socialized was so exciting!"


What has always caused admiration in me, however, is its enduring popularity and mystique. Catherine Nichols is completely enraptured by Carroll’s work, which was first published in 1865 and has never out of print since. In researching her new coffee table book, Alice’s Wonderland: A Visual Journey through Lewis Carroll’s Mad, Mad World, she uncovered a plethora of stunning images and Alice lore that even I couldn’t help but be impressed by. It’s a beautiful book and she tells of Alice’s literary journey through 150 years in a mesmerizing visual fashion. If you are an Alice fan, you’ll want this book, physically, in your home library.

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