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Aug 13, 2018

If we keep our eyes open, there are a few things us grizzled old parents can still learn from our kids. About a month or two ago, my daughter came home from school all excited about some new online gadget where her teacher could post something online and then she and her classmates could add their own comments, either by typing or speaking. To be honest, it didn’t immediate click for me. Then my wife and I went to a program organized by the 7th grade teachers at school intended to expose us to the variety of new technologies and online programs the kids would be using this year. The same program was demonstrated but, again, I didn’t get it. My wife did, however. She thought it was pretty cool and even wrote about it for the St. Petersburg Times. When I read her interpretation—and then we played with it at home—the light bulb clicked on for me. VoiceThread is a fantastical online program that is great for classrooms, but as our family discovered, it is also a wonderful tool for families to preserve and share photos, historical documents and much more. Joining me today is a co-founder of VoiceThread, Steve Muth. I encourage you to visit and set up a free account while we talk because I expect we’ll go through a bit of a tutorial momentarily.

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