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Aug 12, 2018

I’m a lucky guy. Last December, I received an email from a woman named Amy Domestico, inviting me to bring my podcast, Mr. Media, to a relatively new media site called BlogTalkRadio. We exchanged some emails and finally talked on the phone. Up until that point, I recorded my interviews over the telephone on a digital tape recorder and uploaded them to the Internet and my web site, The system worked, but it was clunky and excluded listener participation. I agreed to try one interview on BlogTalkRadio – on one-day notice. It was with the producer of a small indie film called Nemesis. I told him about BlogTalkRadio and said if it didn’t work, we could do a do-over. Not only did it work, but he even convinced the star of his film to call in as a surprise guest. I don’t think I’ve done an interview the old-fashioned way, ever since. That’s why joining me today is one of my heroes, Alan Levy, founder of WebsiteFacebookTwitterThe Alan Levy Show