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Oct 16, 2013

Joining me today on Mr. Media to talk music and play a few songs is A.L.X., leader of an old-fashioned New York City-based rock band called Love Crushed Velvet.

When I heard Love Crushed Velvet for the first time, I heard Billy Idol and Steve Stevens. That’s a rare, driving rock sound that there hasn’t been enough of in recent years and I’m eager to see if you hear what I hear.

Love Crushed Velvet has just released a new EP, Delusions, and we’ll talk about that in moments, and A.L.X. will play acoustic versions of two songs, “Bye Bye Baby” and “Lover, Leave the Lights On.”
A.L.X. podcast excerpt: "I was a big fan of Billy Idol's when I was younger. A lot of that sound, on the first Love Crushed Velvet record, was from Billy's drummer from the 'Reel Yell' era, Tommy Price. Tommy was Love Crushed Velvet's initial drummer... There was this crisp, straight-up style that he brought to it. As a songwriter, you're influenced by your rhythm section, so I started writing songs (to) that, although at first we tried to fight it. But after a while we thought, 'Nobody's tried to make those records in 30 years so let's run with it! If you're 17 years old, you've never heard anything like that."

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