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Jan 19, 2015

I cannot tell a lie: I like having pretty young women as guests on Mr. Media.

There: my dirty little secret is out.

But I still like to think I’m a discerning host; good looks alone can’t land you an invitation here. There has to be a hook, something that will make good conversation.

CHELSEY REIST podcast excerpt: "I've had roles that definitely run the gamut between softer roles and strong females. This one -- as 'Harper' on 'The 100' -- is really exciting because right off the bat, I have a gun. I'm helping defend The 100 on Earth as we discover there may be more there than we thought!"

I knew I wanted to talk to Chelsey Reist when I watched her 4-minute “sizzle” reel on The first time, I watched with the sound off and it made me laugh. In a good way. This ambitious young actress has been in every kind of stereotypical role old Hollywood puts someone of her age and gender into, from slutty woman in danger to seductress, from lesbian to straight – and back again.

But she also has had her moments of feminist hurrahs, putting two young men at the other end of her biblical anger, and jumping on the back of someone threatening her boyfriend and letting loose with her fists for all she’s worth.

CHELSEY REIST podcast excerpt: "I got a call from 'The 100' casting office and they said, 'Can you please head into the special effects studio tomorrow morning?' They need to make a mold of your butt.' I said, 'Who gets a mold of their butt? Porn stars do that! I'm not getting a mold of my butt!' But I exfoliated and I went in the next morning and they put this purple goop on my butt. It warms as it hardens, which was an interesting part of my job. They made a fake butt and they packed it full of guts and blood. They literally drilled into the butt I'm wearing on top of my butt. And that has to make my sizzle reel. More horror! More screaming!"

Oh, and I immediately recognized her from her Applebee’s TV commercial.

Today, after a string of horror movie appearances, TV commercials and guest spots on TV shows such as “Person of Interest,” “The Twomorrow People” and “Psych,” Chelsey Reist has probably reached the height of her young fame as a regular on The CW’s popular futuristic drama series, “The 100.” She plays Harper, whose fate was left very much up in the air after the mid-season finale.

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