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Feb 8, 2014

When I was a kid, “Doctor Who” repeats on WNET Channel 13, the New York Public Broadcasting Station, were a joke. The sets and costumes were cheap, the drama ludicrous and nobody I knew watched it more than once.

Surely the kids in England weren’t fans of such low-rent superheroes?

Fast-forward a generation and my daughter Rachel became friends with Kara, a girl who, like her dad, John, was a huge Doctor Who fan. Kara turned Rachel on to the show, she shared it with everyone she met – her mother included – and pretty soon all I heard about was The Doctor this, The Doctor that.

Surely, the kid was not hooked on the dreck I saw as a child?

CAMERON K. McEWAN podcast excerpt: "I thought the powers at the BBC might want to keep the Doctor younger, but Peter Capaldi was a good call. Peter is the right man for 2014. He's an absolutely fantastic actor and has great range from comedy to drama. He's also a very familiar actor in the UK and he's a great actor as well. He has everything the fans will love in the Twelfth Doctor."

Not even close.

If you have somehow missed out on the cult of one of the most popular television series on the planet, the modern “Doctor Who” is a witty, sexy spectacular of time, space and weirdness. It’s available on BBC America here in the United States and the BBC – and Netflix – the world over.

And this is not even your father’s BBC – for adults, “Doctor Who” is like an entry drug to all kinds of brilliant television drama coming from the UK, including “Sherlock” starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, and “Luther” starring Idris Elba.

CAMERON K. McEWAN: "Time Lords actually can change sex so the idea of a woman Doctor, to me, was potentially quite exciting... I'm all for change. I think that's what makes Doctor Who brilliant... Helena Bonham Carter? (Might one day be) the right person for the right job."
But back to Doctor Who.

Cameron K. McEwan is one of the show’s most devoted fans and one who has found a way to make a living from his addiction. He created the fan website “Blogtor Who” in 2007 and it is now one of the most popular Doctor Who blogs in the world. And McEwan himself has become a popular figure at Doctor Who conventions and events. He also was involved in the Doctor Who documentary, Who’s Changing.

He’s joining me today to talk about his new book about the show, "The Who’s Who of Doctor Who: A Whovian Guide to Friends, Foes, Villains, Monsters, and Companions to the Good Doctor." It’s a spectacularly fun read and reference intended for both the casual viewer and the most ardent Whovian, collecting knowledge, characters and storylines from 50 years of continuity.

It’s insanely great.


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