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Oct 31, 2017

I was studying Samaire Armstrong’s IMDB page when I saw that she played “Emily” on several episodes of the HBO comedy “Entourage.” Why is that significant? Well, as fans of the long-running podcast “Sex With Emily” will recognize, a clip from “Entourage” helps open every episode of that show. In it, Adrian Grenier, as actor Vincent Chase, calls out to Samaire’s character by saying, “Hey, Emily! You got a boyfriend? Because my man E here just got his heart broken. And he thinks you’re cute.” How’s that for a way to have one of your characters live on?

SAMAIRE ARMSTRONG podcast excerpt: "So many of the little stories of characters in Entourage were true. It was fun to be able to incorporate that." 

Of course, a beautiful young woman like Samaire should have a lot of similar opportunities as her career rolls along. Maybe one of them will come from two of her latest jobs, starting with the film Around June, in which she plays the daughter of an abusive father portrayed by Jon Gries. Gries – who you’ll remember as “Uncle Rico” from the Napoleon Dynamite movie and cartoon series – is a menace to behold. But Samaire, as June, has had enough and we see her finally fight back against her father, declaring she won’t be pushed around anymore. Samaire also just shot a new movie tentatively called Adopting Terror with actor Sean Astin, who starred in Lord of the Rings. You might also have noticed Samaire in multiple episodes of the CBS drama “The Mentalist” this season as Summer Edgecomb, sort of a hooker with a heart – and a personal interest in Detective Cho.

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