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Aug 21, 2017

He started as a mandolin player. In Philadelphia. Tell me that wasn’t devastating for a 13-year-old kid! Thanks, Dad! But there’s no sign it left a lasting scar on the musical inclinations of Josh Flagg, who just released his debut album, Devastate Me. It’s got a modern, power pop sound that should easily catch on with a big crowd.

JOSH FLAGG podcast excerpt: "'Devastate Me' was one of the first songs that got written for this record. As it developed, a lot of songs ended up having themes of destruction, big and small, personal and impersonal."

If you haven’t heard Flagg yet, the show starts with a song off “Devastate Me” called “Seeing Red”; later in the show, Flagg offers an exclusive, live acoustic version of the title track, "Devastate Me," performed in his home studio!

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