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Jul 13, 2018

The first thing I need to tell you about Forrest Galante is that I will never go out on an adventure with a man who is comfortable carrying a live Burmese Python around his neck.

But that’s just me.

Watching him do stuff like that from the comfort of my living room, however, as the wildlife biologist and tracker does in his new Animal Planet TV series, “Extinct or Alive,” is totally cool.

The show airs Sundays at 9 p.m. Eastern or Pacific.

In an episode in which Galante and his team come to my “backyard” in search of a Florida black panther or black wolf, you may think this is merely a promotion for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but the Everglades alligators, snakes, skeeters, storms and snapping turtles he encounters are all too real.

If you love nature—what’s left of it, anyway—this is a real fun series in the manner of Jeff Corwin and Steve Irwin, I think you’ll dig “Extinct or Alive” because the host’s enthusiasm is infectious.

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