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Dec 6, 2016

Johnny G. Lyon has a voice that was built to sing rock ‘n’ roll.

And the rumors are true: I once spent a night with Johnny G.

Oh, it was innocent enough – I was there early one evening in April 2008 when the band loaded in its equipment at the old Big Apple Bistro on Central Avenue in St. Petersburg. And I stayed all night with Johnny and his drummer and buddy Ray Blade.

My fiancee – and days away from being my bride – was there, too, and we listened to every song and talked in a booth between every set until the wee hours.

JOHNNY G. LYON podcast excerpt: "I get a little tired sometimes, but if you strap this guitar to me, I feel the same old sparks shooting up my back."

It was a great night, a memory I’ll always treasure from my days as a reporter and editor of the short-lived Tampa Bay weekly. My time with Johnny and the boys turned into a cover story for the alt-weekly. It was accompanied by a close-up photo of the singer with his mouth open so wide we could see his tonsils!

Through the wonder that is Facebook, Johnny G. and I reconnected literally two weeks ago. And when the opportunity to book guests for a live remote interview happened, I knew I had to get Johnny in hear to catch up – and hopeful entertain with a song.

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