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Oct 30, 2017

The first thing you notice about Buddy Scalera? A really cool, literary name. Honestly, I’d like to name a character in a movie “Buddy Scalera.” Maybe comedy about bowling? Or he could be a high school English teacher. Or a nebbishy stock broker who plots to rob a bank. How awesome would that be? But don’t tell the real Buddy – I don’t want to be sued. Speaking of the real Scalera, he’s the author of the just released instructional book, Creating Comics from Start to Finish. And even if you’re not a comic book writer or artist wannabe, it’s a really interesting piece of work the way it takes readers behind the scenes of how sausages – I mean comic books — are made.

BUDDY SCALERA audio excerpt: "Learning about how the comic book creators broke in, how hard they work, the things they do to stay in... It's a really competitive business. If you fail or take a holiday, there are hundreds of people to take your place. The people I interviewed know this. That impressed me."

Scalera knows the business from having been on the inside – he co-wrote Deadpool at Marvel with his friend Jimmy Palmiotti and created and published his own title, 7 Days to Fame, for After Hours Press. More recently, Scalera started a website devoted to teaching his favorite subject,

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