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Nov 29, 2016

The first time Swedish country music singer and guitarist Hicks was my guest on Mr. Media, I remember being surprised how “country” he really sounded. I thought, going into the interview, that I would have to make allowances for a Scandinavian trying to sound like a genuine Tennessee backwoodsman – you know, pickup trucks and gun racks, hounddogs and hooch, Confederate flags and the Dukes of Hazzard. But that was stupid.


HICKS podcast excerpt: "It's cool that I can not only express my love to my bride in our daily life, but I can also write a song about it. Thenb, all of a sudden, it's on radio, it's on television, it's global. Now everybody knows how I feel!"

There is nothing inauthentic about Hicks and his devotion to country music. You can hear it for yourself by downloading his latest single, “Stomp A Little Louder,” featuring American country music legend Steve Wariner. And you’ll hear it live right here as he performs two original songs, “99 Guns” and “Kiss You Like I Mean It.”

If you missed Hicks’ first appearance on Mr. Media—in which he performed “Mama’s Kitchen” and “You Belong to Me” — you can still watch it in the archives to learn how a kid from Sweden!—SWEDEN!— wound up in the midst of all that fiddle and banjo stuff. And if you like lively country flared with a bit of rock ‘n’ roll, you’re gonna enjoy today’s show.

HICKS podcast excerpt: "Steve Wariner and I had the title, 'Stomp A Little Louder.' To us, it means whatever you need out of life, go out and get it! Work a little harder, think a little smarter, and you're gonna get it. It's about following your dream."

Key interview moments:

• 6:25 Newlywed Hicks can do something for his bride that you can't;

• 9:20 The genesis of the song "Stomp A Little Louder," which he wrote and recorded with Steve Wariner;

• 21:50 Hicks reveals the source of his muscle-bound frame.

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