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Aug 24, 2016

In a moment, I’m going to be talking to Jeannie. The character who bedeviled Dr. Alfred Bellows. The innocently seductive soul who tamed bachelor-for-life Major Anthony Nelson. And the absolutely stunning, real-life woman who helped a lot of young men meet puberty head on. Raquel Welch last fall, Barbara Eden today – my inner teen wants to know what took so long!

BARBARA EDEN podcast excerpt: "The minute I Dream of Jeannie was, 'Honey, I'm home,' and the little housewife thing, it was over. I think it was a mistake."

This really is a treat; I watched “I Dream of Jeannie” with my parents when it was still on network TV, then re-watched the episodes a few hundred more times over the ensuing decades. And there came the day when I rediscovered it with my daughter, Rachel, introducing a new generation to the wonders of bottled blondes with magical powers and evil twin sisters.

Barbara is here today because she recently published her autobiography, Jeannie Out of The Bottle.

She probably doesn’t know this, but two previous Mr. Media interviews presaged her appearance. The first was with Larry Thomas, best known for playing the Soup Nazi on “Seinfeld.” A few years back he talked about what a wonderful actress and human being Barbara was when they appeared together doing live theater. Second was when I interviewed her proud niece, Katharine Fugate, the creator of the Lifetime network show, “Army Wives.” Katharine said during that show, “You should have my Aunt Barbara as a guest.” As you wish, Mistress.

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