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Jun 19, 2017

This is not a show people tune into for a lot of heartbreaking conversation. I’m not Oprah and I don’t enjoy fiddling with your heartstrings. So on its own merits, I honestly would have never chosen Kambri Crews’ new book, Burn Down the Ground: A Memoir as a topic of conversation. But there’s a quirky bit of Mr. Media history tangled up here.

KAMBRI CREWS audio excerpt: "It is a sad story. But it's not full of sadness. It's full of hope." 

Several years ago, Kambri’s husband, comedian Christian Finnegan, was a guest on the show. We got to talking about in-law jokes and he made a remark about how he doesn’t joke about his because his mother-in-law is a lovely woman and his deaf father-in-law is serving 20 years in a Texas prison for attempted murder. Ba-da-bing? No. That momentarily brought the conversation to a halt. Frankly, I didn’t know what to say. A few weeks ago, a publicist pitched me on a new book by Kambri Crews about her insanely crazy, sometimes violent upbringing as a hearing child of deaf parents. I didn’t really think it was right for this show until I read the last line of the pitch: “She is married to standup comedian Christian Finnegan.” Quick, what’s American Sign Language for “Holy Shit!”? Suddenly I had the opportunity to get what the late broadcaster Paul Harvey would call “the REST of the story.”

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