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Oct 8, 2012

Finally, back in the business of reading the latest Graham Gage thriller by Steven Gore!

I was excited to discover the release of "Power Blind," the latest novel serving up the adventures of private detective Gage. These books are the equivalent of popcorn movies for me: tasty and explosive and I never want to stop until I get to the end.

STEVEN GORE audio excerpt: "There are investigators hired to see justice is done and find the truth and there are those hired to see that justice isn't done. Everyone in the legal community knows who's who... We were straight-shooters; that's what Graham Gage is based on."

When author Gore – himself a former globe-trotting P.I. – last dropped by the Mr. Media stage, I hadn’t fully appreciated how hard he must work not just plotting these stories of international political intrigue, but on getting the character names just right.

Brothers Brandon and Landon.

Aggrieved father Porzolkiewski.

Attorney Skeeter.

Research ace and local rock star Alex Z.

Office assistant Tansy.

Investigator Viz.

Talk about local color! Or maybe everybody in imaginary San Francisco comes with crazy names?

Anyway, I’m delighted to welcome the author of Power Blind, Absolute Risk and Final Target back to the show today.