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Aug 13, 2012

A year ago at this time, the prospects of success for NBC’s gritty drama “Grimm,” based on a modern interpretation of Grimm’s Fairy Tales, seemed shaky at best. There was that other fairy tale based series on ABC that, on paper at least, seemed too similar in high concept. And yet. And yet! Both shows not only survived freshman rush, they ultimately thrived and were granted sophomore years with all kinds of whoop-de-do.

BREE TURNER audio excerpt: "Grimm season two feels like a feature film. That's how seriously everyone is taking it." 

“Grimm” is first to return to action, with its second season premiere tonight at 10 p.m. And NBC is showing its newfound confidence in the show by buying the back cover of Entertainment Tonight to proudly promote it. (You can also buy the just released first season on DVD.) If you didn’t catch the show last year, there is a brilliant, seven-minute clip on that will bring you up to speed in an instant. Joining me today to talk about season two is one of the show’s lovely co-stars, Bree Turner. She plays apothecary Fuchsbau Rosalee Calvert and, in a world of them and us, she – like the show’s lead character, Detective Nick Burkhardt – is one of both.

Can you feel the inner conflict and turmoil already?

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