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Jul 13, 2013

Today's Guest: Escort Kristen DiAngelo, star and executive producer of the documentary American Courtesans

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American Courtesans, documentary film starring elite escort Kristen DiAngelo
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Kristen DiAngelo has had one of those lives that people talk about in whispers: she was a woman who took money for sex with strangers. And like most of the ladies who find themselves in this industry – and make no mistake, it is an industry – she has quite a story to tell. Not necessarily a happy story, but it’s hers and she has chosen to own it.

KRISTEN DiANGELO podcast excerpt: "Some of us want 'American Courtesans' to result in deregulation; some of us want legalization (of prostitution), some of us want equal rights under the law to be able to call 9-1-1 (if we are attacked or raped). I would just like the film to start conversations, to put it on the table that maybe our preconceived notions about this industry aren't exactly accurate. Until people start talking about us in their homes, and understanding that we're just like everybody else, things will never change."
American Courtesans, production still, documentary film, on escorts
Production still from the documentary film on the secret life of escorts, American Courtesans

Not only that, but now she is selling more than her body. Kristen has put her entire life’s experience—as well as those of many other women in the oldest profession—on full display as the star and executive producer of a new documentary film, American Courtesans. This is, not surprisingly, a largely positive portrayal of the women who have either chosen the sex worker life or have been forced into the business by men. What is surprising is the mixed portrayal of men. Speaking generally, the men who often caused these women to enter this life are horrid con artists, rapists and worse. But then there is a section of the film in praise of men and supporting them and their needs. One of the women actually says of selling her body to men for money, “I think it’s a healthy thing; I think it prevents cancer.” So much to talk about, so little time. American Courtesans, which reveals the secret life of an escort, debuts nationwide on Blu-Ray, DVD, iTunes,, and On Demand on July 12.

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