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Oct 27, 2014

The minute I saw actor Rob Corddry was cast as a marriage counselor in the new Vimeo On Demand series “Wedlock,” I figured there must be one miserable couple somewhere in the world. My mistake: Corddry, for once may be playing the rational one!

JENNIFER LAFLEUR podcast excerpt: "When we brought 'Wedlock' to Rob Corddry, he loved it, but he had the instinct that maybe it should be switched on its head. All of a sudden, we reimagined the series so that it was the couple terrorizing the therapist, rather than the other way around."

Actors Mark Duplass and my guest today, Jennifer Lafleur, portray a couple of long-time friends who have never been romantic – let alone intimate – with one another. Maybe with anyone. But everyone thinks they’re perfect for each other! So what the heck, they’re gonna give it a try! That brings them to the world-renown Dr. Meeks, played by Corddry. Dave and Fiona want him to help them become emotionally and physically involved and, ultimately, married.

JENNIFER LAFLEUR podcast excerpt: "I got cut from 'The Skeleton Twins! I was 'Drunk Natalie' -- I was too funny! I couldn't help it! My character was at the most extreme end of the movie's comedy. But Craig Johnson made a great film and he said he'd get me in on the DVD extras."

Heck, they’ve got a three-ring binder with charts, graphics and even a per-therapy-session budget all figured out. What could be easier? Over the course of 10, five-minute webisodes, the action and hilarity unfolds. It’s pretty funny stuff and you can order each episode for 99 cents by searching “Wedlock” on Jennifer Lafleur first came to attention on TV as “Nurse Judy” on the long-running soap opera, “Guiding Light.” More recently, she has had roles in the Bill Hader-Kristen Wiig film The Skeleton Twins and the FX series, “Married.”

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