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Dec 21, 2016

Larry Keltto has worked from home for a long time. Being a writer and editor, that’s a pretty sweet arrangement. He gets to eat his own food from the refrigerator, take a break when it suits him, work late when projects demand something extra, and be a more involved dad to his daughters. That’s all on the plus side of the ledger.

LARRY KELTTO audio excerpt: "It's a tremendous shock that 75 to 80 percent of our time in the early days at least has to be spent on marketing. It's a huge shock." 

On the down side, working for yourself can be a lonely pursuit. You spend a lot of time alone in your own head, probably thinking through the challenges of the day and the economy a bit too much. And when the economy is particularly sucky, some self-employed entrepreneurs will be hit the hardest by it. But my friend Larry – and he has been my friend for about a decade now, is always the positive one. It’s part of his Minn-e-sot-a charm and a leading reason for his success. It also led him to believe there might be a business plan in connecting the very people whose choice of vocation tends to isolate and separate them from the herd. Larry started his website, The, believing that if the world’s self-employed entrepreneur came together to share their victories and woes, their challenges and innovations, the result would eventually uplift them all. He’s also collected many of their stories in an inspiring new ebook, The Solopreneur Life: 42 Sole-Business Owners Speak the Truth on Dreaming Big, Failing Forward and Calling Your Own Shots. Regular Mr. Media viewers and listeners will recognize at least one of the 42 – it’s me, your pal, Mr. Media.

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