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Oct 4, 2016

The first time Jackie Collins was a guest on Mr. Media, I have to admit I was a little nervous. This is a novelist who has sold about 4 billion copies of her books and has been producing quality, popular work since I was in short pants. Would she hang up the minute the first dumbass remark came out of my mouth?

JACKIE COLLINS podcast excerpt: "I'm not that explicit but I'm explicit enough."


And when I inevitably stumbled over the title of her then current book, Poor Little Bitch Girl, would she put me in my place with a withering glance so toxic I could feel it through the phone line? Nope. She was a doll. I remember finishing that interview and feeling like that was a keeper. Miss Collins was charming, effervescent and, for struggling and successful writers alike to hear, quite the inspiration. I’m quite eager to spend the next 30 minutes with her to hear about her new book, Goddess of Vengeance, which continues the adventures of Lucky Santangelo and her supporting cast. I’m also hopeful we’ll hear more about her craft and how the autobiography is coming. I might even ask what her actor sister Joan is up to this time. Or I might not.

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