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Dec 3, 2017

Today's Guest: Emii, singer

Mr. Media is recorded live before a studio audience of unbathed Comic-Con fanboys who live in Mom’s basement and for whom redheaded Emii is both a dream come true and their worst nightmare… in the NEW new media capitol of the world… St. Petersburg, Florida!

If you wanna be in the pop music industry, you’ve gotta have an original hook.

For some, it’s musical: the late Amy Winehouse had a once-in-a-generation voice, for example. For others, it’s visual: Kiss will never get much respect for its music, but oh, those costumes and special effects!

EMII audio excerpt: "This gorgeous girl named Rose in the comic book store helped me buy my first pair of stilettos. That was an important turning point in my existence. Previous to that I had never known that stilettos could be comfortable. Now I can run in 'em, jump in 'em, kick in 'em, perform in 'em -- I've learned. I mean, look at Beyonce! The amount she's dancing on stage -- she's wearing 5- or 6-inch heels; she can't afford to break an ankle."

And then there are those with a great backstory that combines elements of the first two. That might be the beautiful young singer  Emii, whose wild new pop fantasy video, “Mr. Romeo,” features Snoop Dogg. Her mythology includes working in a comic book store by day and fronting a metal band by night. She’s a Jim Lee-drawn heroine come to life! Don't miss Emii singing "Mr. Romeo" a capella during this interview's exclusive live performance!

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