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Jul 4, 2018

If you’re going to be successful in business, you’ve got to be able to stomache conflict. You have to be hard-headed, believing the world needs what you’re selling, and never take no for an answer. Some of us might wishes ethical decision-making, carbon footprint and a bit of kindness were high atop that list but, realistically, those are not always the first thoughts of someone in the midst of empire-building.

DAVID BROWN podcast excerpt: "I mean, Apple vs. Samsung--how many times have you gotten stuck in that conversation, right?"

This is something I know a little about, having co-authored books with some of the world’s most successful ball-busting entrepreneurs. Not that they don’t have hearts and souls, but business is war. David Brown knows this. As host of the new Wondry podcast series, “Business Wars,” every week, he breaks down some of the world’s greatest us vs. them company conflicts and gives them new life through narrative commentary and conversational recreations. To date, “Business Wars” has compellingly examined Nike vs. Adidas, Netflix vs. Blockbuster, Beats vs. Monster Cable, and Marvel vs. DC Comics. You might recognize David’s voice, if not his face, as the former host of “Marketplace” on NPR. He is also managing editor and anchor of the daily statewide public radio news hour “Texas Standard”, based at Austin NPR affiliate KUT-FM. You can also hear him nationally as a contributor to “All Things Considered,” and “Morning Edition.”

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