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Apr 10, 2018

Today's Guest: Grizz Chapman, actor, "30 Rock"

Kevin Dotcom Brown, Tracy Morgan, Grizz Chapman, actors, 30 Rock, Mr. Media interview
30 ROCK: (l-r) Kevin Brown as Dotcom, Tracy Morgan as Tracy Jordan, Grizz Chapman as Grizz (NBC Photo: Nicole Rivelli)


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There may be at least three weddings figuring into tonight’s season finale of “30 Rock” on NBC, which airs at 9:30 p.m.: • Tracy and Dotcom are arguing over which one of them will be best man for Grizz. • Bride-to-be Cirie wants Liz Lemon to wear a yellow bridesmaid’s dress for her wedding—a Vietnamese size 2. • And with Liz having proposed instant marriage to Wesley, even she may be going off the market—except that Matt Damon is guest starring in tonight’s episode. Will he save her? Naah, probably not.

GRIZZ CHAPMAN podcast excerpt: "When they come to you and tell you they have to put a catheter in your chest, you start looking at life very different... Actually feeling your blood coming out of your body--I can't even explain it. Laying there, feeling your blood being pulled out of your body is a really scary experience."

It’s a big night for the show’s supporting cast—for no one more so than Grizz, about whom we’ve made two shocking discoveries: 1) The actor who plays half of Tracy’s entourage undergoes dialysis three times a week for kidney failure, and; 2) His character and Tina Fey’s have a secret, sexual past.

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