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Apr 4, 2018

Today's Guest: Kevin Brown, comedian, actor, "30 Rock"

Mr. Media is recorded live before a studio audience of Grizz and Dotcom fans who think Dotcom’s name should always come first when they’re mentioned together… in the new new media capital of the world… St. Petersburg, Florida!

30 Rock: Season One
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So much has happened in the two years since "30 Rock" star Kevin “Dotcom” Brown first dropped by Mr. Media and said my cool black comedian nickname going forward could be F.O.D. Friend of Dotcom. Unfortunately, no matter how many people I paid to introduce me that way wherever I went, it never caught on. In fact, when Big Kev brought his comedy club tour to Tampa last year and invited me to see the show and hang out after, even he forgot to call me “F.O.D.” Guess I’m just going to have to live with being “Mr. Media” a little while longer.

KEVIN 'DOTCOM' BROWN podcast excerpt: "I won't be able to fully express myself as a standup comedian until I'm fully done with '30 Rock' because I have a lot of respect for my gig. 'Dotcom said that?' I try to stay close to the character." 

As for Kevin, who I really have come to think of as a friend, his career is doing nothing but rise and rise some more. In addition to continuing in his role alongside Grizz Chapman as Tracy Jordan’s posse on NBC’s “30 Rock,” his standup career has truly blossomed and it keeps him out on the road whenever Tina Fey doesn’t need him on the award-winning sitcom. He’s also developing a TV pilot called “Capes and Claims” about the intersection of superheroes… and insurance adjustors. One more thing about this very special interview: Kevin comes to us from the bowels of Kabletown, a.k.a. Silvercup Studios in Manhattan where “30 Rock” is shot. He starts out in co-star and long-time friend Tracy Morgan’s dressing room (watch for cameo appearances by Tracy as well as Grizz Chapman). We lost the wi-fi connection when… well, just watch and see!

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