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Apr 4, 2018

Today's Guest: Kevin Brown, comedian, actor, "30 Rock"

When Tracy Jordan’s bodyguards made their first entrance on NBC’s soon-to-be-a-hit “30 Rock,” you would have been excused for expecting them to be a one-time sight gag. Who were these two men disguised as city skyscrapers?

KEVIN "DOTCOM" BROWN podcast excerpt: "Tracy Morgan begins and ends in a bottle of liquor... Now he's a skilled professional. This persona that he has, he's honed it from many years hanging out in strip clubs, investing a lot of time supporting the alcohol industry and the herbal foundations... I love watching him bring the funny."
30 Rock: Season 2
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But even as Tracy Jordan became more defined as the show developed in that first season, the roles of his entourage, Grizz and Dotcom, were refined and grew distinguished. The twin towers found their niche as brilliant supporting characters, one or the other often defining a scene with a shrug, an eye roll or a gentle quip. They, unlike Tracy—played by Tracy Morgan, of course—were in on the joke with the rest of us. I had the good fortune to interview Grizz Chapman a few weeks ago and he must have said good things to his friend and partner Kevin Brown, who plays Dotcom, because he’s going to join us in a moment. But who are Grizz and Dotcom? The legend — and mystery — continues to grow, as I discovered in a video log featuring “30 Rock” creator Tina Fey. I’ll do what I can to get to the bottom of this today.

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