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Jun 28, 2017

 Alex Ferrari hasn’t received the break he deserves yet from Hollywood so he continues to make his own luck. The independent filmmaker, who was one of my very first guests on Mr. Media Radio back in 2007 to promote his short horror story, Brokenis back today for the second time to talk about Red Princess Blues.

ALEX FERRARI audio excerpt: "Apple's App Store is mysterious. They will reject something for no reason and they will accept something for new reason. Hopefully it's a new distribution method for filmmakers." 

Last time he was here, Alex had produced a short animated subject with the help of actress Paula Garces—currently appearing on SyFy’s “Warehouse 13” and all three Harold & Kumar movies—who voiced the lead character. The cartoon was intended as a proof of concept for a full feature Red Princess Blues. Today, he’s here to talk about a left-turn he has taken with Blues—which you can download right this minute as an iPhone app.

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