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Aug 31, 2016

Scott Gerber puts into words what a lot of people need to hear: Not everybody is going to succeed in Corporate America – and more than a few of you are foolish to even try. He’s not calling you a loser – that would be your father’s job. He’s saying there is another way to go about pursuing a job, a career, a life – something that fits you best, but doesn’t necessarily fit into your parents’ definition of a job.

SCOTT GERBER podcast excerpt: "Nobody even talks about why young people now more than ever need to be entrepreneurial. It blows my mind! What rock are these people living under?" 

In his new book, Never Get a Real Job, Gerber presents an unorthodox approach to the working life. As a guy who has always gone his own way – but for two very short-lived jobs working for someone else – I enjoyed his candor and his advice. Gerber will probably be the first to tell you that no book of this kind can be a perfect one-size-fits-all. But for a lot of people foundering in dead-end jobs for faceless corporations, reading Never Get a Real Job just might light a fire. You might figure out the right career move for yourself and get some solid tips on how to achieve it.