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Sep 28, 2016


If you love stand-up comedy and enjoy listening to intelligent conversation with America’s funniest men and women on TV and in film, meet Marc Maron.

Maron is one of those guys — like Richard Belzer, Louis CK and the late Robert Schimmel — that comedians themselves turn to to get a serious dose of the funny. He’s outrageous, unrestrained and full of self-loathing — everything you want when dropping serious coin on a night out.

MARC MARON podcast excerpt: "The darkest realization I've had... I want to go from the second lowest rung on the show business ladder to the lowest one and put a band together, at 47 years old, is ridiculous. I'm relatively infantile in my delusions of what's next for me."

He’s also developed a new world to conquer: podcasting. Maron is the host and producer of "WTF with Marc Maron." Actually, it’s “What the F**k with Marc Maron,” but you can’t write or say that in some places. Here, no problem.


The show is a place for Maron to sit down with some of his closest friends and occasional antagonists or one-time enemies and talk funny.

Many of the conversations take place, literally, in his garage, although he’s been taking the show on the road much more often lately, talking to Will Ferrell’s producing partner, Adam McKay, in his office, or visiting with Ray Romano on the set of his new show, “Men of a Certain Age.”

And he’s taken the show on the road in even more literal terms, sharing the stage with an array of regional comics and combining stand-up with conversation, as he did this past week in Austin.

You can subscribe to “WTF with Marc Maron” on your iPhone or other smartphone via the Stitcher app, or visit his website,

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