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Nov 6, 2017

This show has always put out the welcome mat for black cartoonists, from daily strippers such as Ray Billingsley and Charlos Gary to editorial artists such as David G. Brown, Tim Jackson, Ron Rogers, Barbara Brandon Croft and Dr. Yaounde Olu. So as soon as I saw the announcement of a new collection of African-American cartoonists curated by John Jennings and Damian Duffy, I had to find space for a discussion of Black Comix –that’s comix with an X—on the show.

JOHN JENNINGS podcast excerpt: "We think of the book as an entry point for people into black comix culture. We try to make it easy for people who find artists they like in Black Comix with websites to learn more." 

If you love comics – the kind that end in X or not – you’ll find a lot to admire in this primer to a group of outstanding craftsmen—and craftswomen. Some of the artists have reached the mainstream, but many more have not. Some of the work is gorgeous, some a little more subject to personal tastes. But it matters not, as Jennings and Duffy shine a bright light on a group of professional who deserve more time at center stage.

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