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Jan 15, 2018

Today's Guest: Adam Falcon, guitarist, Piece of Mine

Adam Falcon EP, Piece of Mine, guitarist, Mr. Media Interviews
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A few weeks ago, I didn’t know Adam Falcon from Adam West. But now I’m here to tell you that if you like jazz with a little bit of R&B, a touch of rap and maybe a twinge of Prince, you’re gonna love this guy. The singer/songwriter/guitarist just released a new album, Bohemian 959. I don’t know to what the title refers—actually that would make a good first question.

ADAM FALCON podcast excerpt: "I wanted to work with Rick James--and I didn't want to work with Rick James. It was a crazy scene and I didn't know if I could survive one week of that scene."

But even if you haven’t heard of Falcon before, I can tell you he’s been a familiar face around some pretty familiar names: George Benson recorded a couple of his songs, for example. He also worked with two more of my favorites, the late great Rick James and Robert Palmer. And Adam was discovered at age 15 when he snuck into The Fillmore East to watch Sly & The Family Stone. (I once waited outside a cheap, two-story motel in Pinellas Park, Florida, until 3 a.m. to interview Sly, but that’s another story.) Enough of me yammering. Let’s get to Adam, and even better, spin a couple of his joyous tunes.

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