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Nov 26, 2017

Today's Guest: Jonathan Rosenberg, creator of the digital comic strip "Goats."

Jon Rosenberg, you had me at the gray-skinned alien who said, “On our planet, people worship pancakes.” That’s the point—it was page three, I believe—that I realized that Goats: Infinite Typewriters was spinning out of control and I loved it. This first print collection of online and digital cartoonist Rosenberg’s whack-a-doodle webcomic—maybe whack-a-mole would be more appropriate if he’d write a mole into the story—was my kind of strip. It’s got aliens, a chicken named Diablo, monkeys as assistant editors, bikers, alternate universes, good Hitler, a character coincidentally named Jon, and yes, even a goat. Even better, it includes a stop at my exit of the New Jersey Turnpike—#9, for those who don’t know—and who isn’t excited about that?

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