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Jan 26, 2018

Today's Guest: Adi Tantimedh, novelist, Her Beautiful Monster: The Ravi PI Series

Watch this exclusive Mr. Media interview with Ali Tantimedh by clicking on the video player above!  Mr. Media is recorded live before a studio audience of Gods and Monsters, none of whom is happy with the cash bar … in the NEW new media capital of the world… St. Petersburg, Florida!

Her Beautiful Monster: The Ravi PI Series by Adi Tantimedh, Mr. Media Interviews
Her Beautiful Monster: The Ravi PI Series by Adi Tantimedh. Order your copy to day by clicking on the book cover above!

PREVIOUSLY ON RAVI PI: We were introduced to private detective Ravi Chandra Singh in the first book of the series, Her Nightly Embrace. Ravi, a former high school teacher, thought he was going slowly insane because every so often, in times of great stress, he saw Hindu gods. And they interact with him. And the have cell phones. Ravi’s employer, the London-based Golden Sentinels agency, knew about the gods and didn’t care, as long as he maintained his high rate of closing complicated cases.

ADI TANTIMEDH podcast excerpt: "The implication of 'Her Beautiful Monster' is, if other people can see gods, and other people can see Ravi's gods, then that means Ravi might not be mentally ill. The gods are not just an extension of his own psychosis or schizophrenia or whatever he's afraid he's got. And let's face it -- Hindu gods are not the only gods out there."

Meanwhile, in his personal life, Ravi rescued his mother from indebtedness to a neighborhood loan shark. And he began a relationship with a sex addict… as well as a morally bankrupt but irresistible special agent of fortune drawn to money, not ideals. In the second book of this compelling and totally unique series, Her Beautiful Monster, Ravi is still seeing gods – even though the action has relocated from London to Los Angeles. And, to his astonishment, he may not be the only one seeing them. Once again, novelist Adi Tantimedh pulls together drama, action, humor, erotica and Ravi’s morality in an irresistible tandori stew. If you can imagine the work of Max Allan Collins stirred with curry, you’ll want to read the Ravi PI series! This is Adi’s second visit to Mr. Media.

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