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Oct 3, 2017

“The Switch” – a new TV sitcom from creator Amy Fox, who also co-stars in it – is about being true to who your heart tells you that you are… even if your biology and anatomy are a little at odds on the issue. In other words, to quote the great creator of Looney Tunes cartoons, Chuck Jones: “Pronoun Trouble!”

AMY FOX podcast excerpt: "A lot of times when movie or TV people are casting some tragic, Oscar-bait bio pic, they go, 'We couldn't find any trans people.' And I'm thinking, 'You had millions of dollars and we had, y'know, a shoestring budget and we're borrowing office space. And somehow we found five trans and/or non-binary lead actors. Plus trans people on the production and writing teams. We loo for trans talent like we would look for talent for any other job."

The show, which bills itself as the world’s first transgender sitcom, follows Sü, an American who relocates to Vancouver to start life over in a new gender identity. Nyla Rose plays Sü with great warmth, joie de vie, and no fear of pratfalls. It’s a workplace comedy that is genuinely funny and cleverly written. And, I will admit, the first episode left a tear in my eye at the end. By the way, the predominantly transgender cast features all trans roles played by trans actors. The first six episodes became available in the US – and most English-speaking countries -- via Amazon and iTunes – on August 15. If you enjoy a splash of diversity in your comedy, I recommend “The Switch.”

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