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Dec 17, 2016

Today's Guest: Tamara Lush, Associated Press reporter, romance novelist, Tell Me A Story, Hot Shade

Watch this exclusive Mr. Media interview with Tamara Lush by clicking on the video player above! 

Mr. Media is recorded live before a studio audience full of real women who no longer believe any real men will ever match up to the super-studs in the romance novels they read by the dozens… in the NEW new media capital of the world… St. Petersburg, Florida!

Tamara Lush, romance novelist, Tell Me A Story, Associated Press reporter, Mr. Media Interviews
Tell Me A Story by Tamara Lush. Order your copy today by clicking on the book cover above!

I would love to poke around inside the mind of Tamara Lush and listen directly to whatever her inner narrator whispers to her during the course of a day. In the last two years, the veteran Associated Press news reporter has carved out a new media landscape for her off-duty hours as a hot contemporary romance writer with an erotic voice that will leave many readers gasping for air.

TAMARA LUSH podcast excerpt: "The billionaire trope has always been huge in the romance novel. I don't see that going away (under a President Trump). There have been recent trends with more blue-collar heroes--farmers, mechanics. And I have written about rich journalists, which is about the biggest fantasy you can get."

In her third full-length novel, Tell Me A Story – it’s actually five stories, depending upon how you consume it, which I’ll let her explain – Lush expands upon the promise found in her first novel, Hot Shade. The story, plot and characters have greater depth and the sex is even more intimate and moving. Women, I think, will find in Lush a young woman’s voice that speaks to them. And guys, if you’re willing to take a flyer on erotica other than Penthouse “Letters” or 60-second YouPorn clips, you will be surprised how quickly and all-consuming Tell Me A Story is. This is the author’s second appearance on Mr. Media.

TAMARA LUSH podcast excerpt: "'Tell Me A Story' is book candy for the phone. It's for people who just want to read a short, sexy story with a little bit of suspense, a little bit of humor. I call it 'erotic chick-lit.'"

Key interview moments:

• 3:05 Contemporary romance novelist Tamara Lush explains how Tell Me A Story grew from novella to 500-page book; • 19:50 Will a President Trump affect the future of the romance novel?; • 0:00 Lush explains the affect her day job as an Associated Press reporter has on her fiction writing. Tamara Lush WebsiteFacebookTwitterPinterestInstagramAssociated PressMuck RackGoodreadsYouTubeLinkedInVineGoogle+


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