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Nov 20, 2016

Zoe Whittaker is not who anyone thinks she is. She may not even be who she thinks she is.

KATE MORETTI podcast excerpt: "I don't think the average person has faced the amount of tragedy and bad decision-making that Zoe has faced. If anybody tried to write about the bad decision-making of the average person, you'd wind up with a really boring book!"

And identity issues aside, there seems to be something sinister in not just her past, but in her present. The danger in her past seems to be creeping into her present, but is it related or something new? Kate Moretti’s latest novel, The Vanishing Year, is a page-turner in which the reader quickly gets caught up in both the luxury of the heroine’s life and something frightening that appears to be lurking around every corner. If you’re looking for a suspenseful, woman-in-danger story, you’ll want to take a ride with Moretti’s latest. And then, like me, you’ll find yourself reaching for her previous bestsellers, including Binds That Tie, Thought I Knew You, and While You Were Gone.

KATE MORETTI podcast excerpt: "The pharmaceuticals company I work for is Johnson & Johnson and the area I work in is biologics. We make drugs derived from biologic material. It's nothing you can take over the counter; it's all injected or infusions. They're for people with pretty debilitating illnesses. I work in a large molecule lab. I had to do a lot of research (for 'The Vanishing Year') because I don't actually take anything. Except for the occasional Advil."

Key interview moments:

• 5:00 Novelist Kate Moretti says real life isn't as interesting as that of her heroine's;

• 15:50 In her day job, Moretti is a scientist for Johnson & Johnson;

• 27:45 Moretti avoids reading other authors while she is writing her own books.

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