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Oct 28, 2016


Del Harrison has some strongly held beliefs — about racism, tipping, men’s private parts and more. And it’s a good thing, too, because Del Harrison is a comedian.

DEL HARRISON podcast excerpt: "Donald Trump, you can't go from running 'Celebrity Apprentice' to running the free world—we need experience! I can't wait till November 9 so the whole world can say, in unison, 'You're fired!'"

Her job is to tell you what she thinks about the world around her, absorbing her personal reality and repackaging it to make you and me laugh at the absurdity of it all. She recently landed a residency at the The Lab, inside The Hollywood Improv.

Her show, titled “Standup, Storytelling and Sangin'!” is a mix of standup comedians and storytellers, as well as a live band. To find out when she’ll need be onstage there – or in your town, check out the listings at her website at

I watched a few minutes of Del Harrison video on her YouTube channel and burst out laughing.

That’s all I needed to book her here.

DEL HARRISON podcast excerpt: "When I first met Steve Harvey, I had just moved to New York. I came out of my tech support job, getting some lunch, and I saw him walking on the street. I went, 'Oh, my God -- Steve Harvey!' I said to him, 'I just started doing comedy!' He had a security guard with him, blocking me, like I was some old groupie! I'm like, 'Mofo, ain't nobody wants to f--k Steve Harvey! Come on, now!'"

Key interview moments:

• 11:40 Comedian Del Harrison can't wait to fire Donald Trump on Election Day;

• 12:40 And with so many women coming out of the woodwork accusing Trump of sexual assault, Harrison can't tell the difference between him and Bill Cosby;

• 26:50 Harrison was excited to meet comedian and TV star Steve Harvey on the streets of New York, except for his bodyguard.

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