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Oct 18, 2016

Flytrap is the kind of fantasy that would scare the crap out of Donald Trump – what if there are aliens living among us and they’re from much farther away than Mexico or even Syria? And what if they don’t want our jobs or money? What if they’re really after our sperm?

INA-ALICE KOPP podcast excerpt: "Even though my character appears to be very simple-minded -- and very mechanical at times -- I do feel that, in the end, we're telling a very touching, human love story."

I don’t want to give away too much but this indie, erotic sci-fi thriller does more with a non-existent special effects budget than many Hollywood films can do with a sky-high pile of cash. Flytrap stars British actor Jeremy Crutchley as “Pond, James Pond,” Austrian actress Ina-Alice Kopp as “Mary Ann,” and American actor Jonah Blechman as “Gilligan.” (You read those character names right; there are sexy bits of fun all over this one.) Joining me today from her native Austria is Ina-Alice Kopp, whose character is Stepford Wife-like in her total devotion to getting laid. Which sounds like fun at first for James, but you know what they say about too much of a good thing…

INA-ALICE KOPP podcast excerpt: "As actors, we like to feel things are natural, that we don't have to pretend. That's what for both of us."

Key interview moments:

• 5:10 Actress Ina-Alice Kopp explains that even though her character, Mary Ann, seems focused only on sexual reproduction at the start of Flytrap, she does evolve by the end;

• 15:00 Kopp says she and her love interest in the film, played by actor Jeremy Crutchley didn't feel like they were pretending on screen;

• 23:45 How does an Austrian-born actress becoming big in China? Hint: it doesn't hurt to speak seven languages well.

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