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Oct 7, 2018

The hours on film sets can be long and, on indie films, the pay isn’t exactly going to leave even a star set for life. But the magic of movie making does create opportunities to do things that might never occur in real life, like flying really cool planes at high speeds and pulling off some crazy stunts.

BRANDON QUINN podcast excerpt: "Oh, man! I remember coming home once, halfway through shooting. I looked at my wife and said, 'I don't want this one to end.' I had such a good time working on Kill Speed, being around jets and planes made it a tremendous experience.." 

That’s the thrill ride handed to actor Brandon Quinn and his co-stars in the new Kim Bass movie, Kill Speed. It’s a terrific flight through the clouds told with all the things a guy could ask for: fast jets, pretty girls, explosions and humor at just the right moments. Quinn, who plays “Rainman” in Kill Speed, is a husband and father whose biggest break to date was on “Entourage” where he played the boyfriend of Rex Lee’s character, “Lloyd.” He also starred alongside Treat Williams in the short-lived Lifetime series “Against the Wall.”

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